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  • Hot melt kettle
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Hot melt kettle

One of the main equipment for hot melt marking construction. When marking construction, first use a hot melt kettle to heat and stir the powdered coating until it melts into a liquid state, and then put the coating into the marking machine for marking construction. Due to the direct relationship between the melting quality of coatings and the quality of marking, the hot melt kettle is a key component of the hot melt marking equipment. It is an essential part of the melting of coatings.

Hot melt marking machine

The hot melt marking machine is a machine used for marking hot melt markings on road surfaces. Apply the high-temperature melted powder hot melt coating onto the road surface by scraping. This equipment has a simple manufacturing process and is easy to operate, making it the most widely used marking equipment in China. This equipment needs to be equipped with a hot melt kettle for cooking materials in order to demonstrate construction efficiency!

Hot melt marking removal machine

The hot melt marking remover is a specialized equipment used to remove old hot melt markings such as damage, cracking, and discoloration. By using a gasoline engine or engine to drive the grinding head to rotate at high speed, the blades on the blade shaft rotate at high speed to generate centripetal force and act on the ground, thus polishing the old damaged markings.


  • Road marking
  • Parking lot marking
  • Regional marking
The equipment required for highway marking engineering mainly includes: Marking machine: This is the main equipment for marking construction, used to apply hot melt marking paint to form the required markings. Marking vehicle: used for transporting marking materials and equipment, ensuring the supply of materials during the construction process. Heating equipment: used to heat the marking paint to the required temperature for construction, ensuring the quality of the marking. Scraper and pressure roller: Scraper is used to scrape flat the marking paint, making it smooth; The pressure roller is used to roll the marking paint, ensuring that the marking is firmly adhered to the road surface. These devices together constitute the basic configuration of highway marking engineering, ensuring the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of marking construction.
The equipment required for the parking lot marking project mainly includes the following points:
Marking machine: used to mark regular lines on the ground of parking lots, optional paint marking machine or hot melt marking machine, selected according to the size and needs of the parking lot. Cleaning vehicles: Before construction, the parking lot floor needs to be cleaned to ensure that the road surface is clean for marking construction. Road marking paint: Choose high-quality road marking paint to ensure the clarity and durability of the markings. These devices are the basic configurations of parking lot marking engineering, which can efficiently and accurately complete marking tasks, improve the safety and standardization of the parking lot.
The equipment required for the factory marking project mainly includes: Marking machine: used to draw various types of markings on the ground of the factory area, ensuring fast and accurate marking construction. Coatings or hot melt coatings: Select appropriate coatings based on the type and requirements of the markings to ensure clear and long-lasting markings. Air compressor or battery: provides power for the marking machine, ensuring continuity and stability during the construction process. Auxiliary tools, such as marking instruments, templates, etc., are used to assist in marking construction, improve construction accuracy and efficiency. These devices together constitute the basic configuration of the factory marking project, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the marking project.
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